Welcome to Probnoblem’s Blog.

I believe that all of us are in fact more than what we think about ourselves. For me every human is a God realizing itself only at human level and all we need to re-become God, is to realize ourselves.

I also believe that everybody is eager to be better, to know more, feel more, and of course express more. More we learn, better things we make and better things we make, we learn more by doing so. And by doing so we create passion to the others so that they feel and think and do more.

I even believe that this process brings us to the same inner values. We understand each other more if we understand ourselves more. Ones we understand, then we naturally forgive.

So, I decided to make the first step, get myself open and express the way I think, and provoke the others to become more open as well.

Think out loud and be open to share your inner Worlds.

Thanks for being here!


Andro Dgebuadze


2 Responses to About

  1. nina says:

    Hi there! So happy to find out your blog. And thank’s for letting us be part of your inner world and also for provoking us to take your example. I ‘m the one following the same way, I guess.
    Wish you all the best.
    With respect…

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